In All These Things

Thank you all who responded to my last post.  I post these things because they are my thoughts and feelings.  They do not reflect any of the thoughts or feeling of any business or church I run or attend.  They come from me and the reason I share them is to help and get help.  I truly believe we are not in this world alone and we all need to seek counsel.  I know my last post may have seemed a bit extreme to some, especially family and friends whom I know, but I am sure I am not the only one with the dilemma.  Also, people should be aware that there are others who do not see things the way they do and no one should pass judgment.  I know that is easier said then done.  We all judge.

After a few days of seeking the counsel of people with various views I have come to a conclusion.  Before I get to that let me just say I think we should always research things we do. We should challenge customs and traditions if we feel they do not line up with what is being taught.  Don’t just go blindly into a tradition without research unless you are comfortable.  I will warn you if you seek, you will find.  What you find you may not like.  After you find again seek council.

So I researched and found.  I found more than I wanted to.  What I found I did not like.  Then I thought, and asked, and prayed, and have come to this.  The reasons why traditions use to happen do matter, but how they are now used matter more.  The Santa of today was not the Santa of the past.  There is a bad history with Santa but he has changed.  People can change and so can tradition.  Although Santa is highly commercialized, it is not the object that is bad, it is how we use the object.  A knife in and of itself is not bad, but when a knife is used to cause harm it is the action and not the object that is bad.

It all comes down to how we do the traditions in my own house.  Just because the world puts Santa as the figure-head of Christmas does not mean we have to.  He and other things are a part of Christmas so they will be accepted as current traditions.  The purpose of the holiday for me is to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.  No matter the original intention of the holiday, that is Who it will be about for me and what I want to pass on.  Christmas is now a time to love and enjoy family and friends.  Whatever that day was used for in the ancient past does not matter.  It is now a day of caring, giving, hope, joy, and compassion.  In all these things there is Jesus.

Santa will come.  We will have holiday fun and Christmas spirit.  My daughter will experience the fun of the season, but the Reason to celebrate will be held as the highest priority.

Thank you all for your help.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

In the words of Tiny Tim “God bless us.  Everyone!”

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