I want what I want when I want it!

I want an iPhone.  I want a flat screen.  I want a new car.  I want a vacation. I want a house. I want a bean feast.  I want all these things now!!!

You don’t have the money but you can still have them now.  Just put them on a credit card and pay later.  You will find a way.  You don’t even have to pay it all.  Pay a little at a time.  Don’t worry.  You can have it all now.

Juts like spoiled Veruca, this is what is being sold to America.  Even in this down economy people are still being sold on financing things so they can pay for them later.  December is the worst time of year for it.  Now most are playing catch up.  Credit card debt is out of control.  Paychecks come in and they go out.  It becomes an endless cycle for most.  Even those who have may not really have.  They just appear to have.

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.  Proverbs 22:7 (ESV)

This system has been going on forever.  It seems like a good idea, have it now and pay for it later, but some run into trouble.  Some struggle to pay for it later.  I am not condemning those who fall into this trap.  I can’t talk about the splinter in their eye while the plank is in mine. (Matthew 7:3)

So if you are in this trouble what is next?  How do you get out of a hole?  Well, the first thing you can do is forgive yourself. When you realize you have dug this hole you might feel guilty for putting your family and yourself in it.  This is normal.  Don’t let it take you deeper.  Forgive yourself. Then start to dig out.  Get help.

Stop wanting (coveting).  Wanting leads down roads that go no where.  The world tells us we can have it now when we really can’t.  Smart people don’t listen to the world.  Godly people don’t listen to the world.  I wish I hadn’t listened to the world.

Look what happened to Veruca and her father when they wanted it all now.

There are two quick things you can do when you feel you need something you can’t afford. Pray to God that it is His will that you have it and WORK FOR IT! Make sure you have the dough before you make the pie.

God gives us what we can handle. If we have shown Him we are not able to be proper stewards of His money, and it is His money, He will not give us more. We must work for it knowing that it is His.  Would He want us to spend it on frivolous things?  Would He want us to spend money we do not have?  Would He want us to always borrow and be a slave to the lender?

There are many Biblical truths about stewarding your money.  If you have any please feel free to drop some comments below.

What are you doing to get out of the hole?

What are you doing to stay out of it?

What are you doing to be proper stewards of God’s money?

How are you avoiding being like Veruca and wanting a “bean feats”?

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