Pain Is Temporary. His Reign Is Forever.


Loving Lord,
I am in awe of Your creation.
You created the oceans and the shores.
You created animals of all kinds.
You created me.
You created all in love and to love.
You created us in Your image and You are perfect love.
There is darkness in this world, loving Father, that Your light will always shine through.
Where people fail, and evil comes, Your love conquers because there is no fear in Your perfect love.
Pain has a place and it builds me up making me ever more aware of Your love.
No longer will I fear.
I will be more than a conqueror through You Lord.
I will continue to proclaim Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior.
Jesus is love and there is nothing more to fear in this world.
This world’s pain is temporary.
Christ Jesus reigns forever.
I praise You, O Lord Jesus Christ.

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